15 Welsh Songs You Should’ve Heard This Year

15 Welsh Songs You Should’ve Heard This Year

Alright, so it’s by my judgement and depends what’s available at the time on soundcloud. Hence there’re actually sixteen songs here… you’ll see at the end. I’ve added some self-explanatory, and some more imaginative descriptions, but don’t worry too much about reading those; better to just hit play and listen for yourself.

Artefact Siren – Simultaneously taut and ethereal, like a kite in a breeze.

Bryde Less – Always transfixing, her voice soars and rages with emotion on this tale of unequal love.

Chain Of Flowers Flesh Blood And Bone – Slightly more upbeat and jangly that we’re used to from this gloomy lot. I did say just slightly.

DISJOY Divided – Building starkly to crash in a wave of frenzied noise, ebb and repeat.

Estrons Strobe Lights – Boisterous shout-a-long from a bunch of Strangers.

Excellent Skeleton Think I’ll Run – Give it two listens and you’ll be singing this in your sleep, desperately trying to remember where you heard it.

Florence Black The One – Classic rock with a hint of grunge, for people who aren’t old enough to remember either.

GRAVVES My Pet Rihanna – I hope the pet in question is a Tasmanian devil crossed with a hurricane, as there’s no way this song is about a gerbil.

Himalayas Thank God I’m Not You – To be fair, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else if I could write songs like this, with so much venom yet compelling the listener to dance like nothing’s wrong.

The Immediate Not Shabby – Beneath some intriguing metaphors, is an uplifting ode to coping with less-than-perfect mental health.

Lastigband Jelo – The sound of a summer morning spent stumbling joyfully, maybe lightly intoxicated, through the Welsh countryside.

My Name Is Ian Fight, Drink And Die On TV – Cardiff’s new favourite late-night festival singalong. There’ll be tees with this on everywhere next.

Neurotic Fiction Generals – Gently choppy pop, like the sun sparkling off a breezy lagoon.

Silent Forum Trust – Relentlessly agitated post-indie* that you know just from listening is explosive live.

SUNS Wear Me Thin – This drowsily beautiful slice of summery bliss hides unexpectedly agonised lyrics.

And the bonus track: Twisted Ankle Netfix & Loathing – EP Eat A Phone was released last year, but wasn’t on soundcloud then to make the appropriate list; I wanted to give it a shout anyway, so here’s an extra.

*Term stolen from TRAAMS, I think it was.