Meet The Author

Hi, and welcome to my little slice of the internet. I’m Dani Sjärnevikka, curator and sole contributor to this blog so all posts are written by myself – except for any errors, they’re courtesy of the small typo demon that lives in my laptop. Blueberry Phoenix started at the tail end of 2016, merely three days from the retirement of DaniNeverDreams. After four years of redirections and sporadic engagement (from myself that is, readers were often more reliable than the author), a decision was made to put that previous site to rest and start afresh. And so here we are – a dedicated music blog, covering bands of any age, popularity, and location, just so long as I enjoy the music enough to spend my time writing about it. Of course there is far more music that fits that bracket than I have time to write about, so often the focus is on brand new bands who will benefit most from the exposure, with a slight bias towards Welsh acts since that is where I live. If you like what you read or have any suggestions of artists I might appreciate, feel free to contact me either by leaving a comment on the relevant post, using the site’s contact page, or directly via my twitter or email. Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog, and I hope you find something here you enjoy.

Not my drawing I’m afraid, stolen from Flex-And-Relax on DeviantArt