New Release: Clue Club Vol 3

New Release: Clue Club Vol 3

If you didn’t know, Clue Records are a Leeds-based independent label putting out some of the most captivating new bands around that area at the moment. Recently they’ve launched a singles’ club, no not the lonely hearts type but a musical one, putting out bi-monthly AA-side releases.

Having previously featured splits from Fighting Caravans/Colour Of Spring and Tea Buckley &/Team Picture, this latest edition comprises newbies Mini Skirt and a now-expanded Night Owls. The former have provided a song titled French Kiss, which exactly matches the feeling evoked by its title, emanating the warmth of summer nights and the blissful innocence of youth. Its companion Honestly is a fair amount rowdier, an ode to more mature relationships and the importance of trust. While sounding less amorous on the surface, lyrics such as “I’ll catch you when the ceiling falls right through” show the sort devotion absent from adolescent romance.

Whether chosen intentionally or not, the similar-but-contrasting themes result in these two songs balancing each other perfectly. This single is available now on its own, or a subscription to Clue Club will get you a bunch of bonus goodies as well as all the year’s releases.


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