Video: TRASH – Migraines

Video: TRASH – Migraines

Having watched this a few times now, it’s still definitely one of the best music videos I’ve seen. Wanna learn the lyrics to the song? Answer the questions correctly and you can. Thinking of starting your own band, but not sure how to get famous? It’ll teach you that too. Apart from the very beginning where my heart jumped to my throat as I really thought my laptop had crashed, I stare, joyously agape as an entire digital world built around the band unfolds line by line.

The attention to detail here is impeccable, I’m sure there’s still more to see than I’ve yet noticed, and the complexity of multiple layers reflects the tune itself with its juxtaposition of sunny melody and anguished lyrics. A catchy, upbeat indie-pop song about… crippling headaches? Probably not what you expect. But then when the band’s own name describes them as TRASH, I suppose the bar isn’t set high. Based on Migraines though, by which I mean the track not just the video, they should have a little more faith in themselves. This, and other songs will be available on their self-titled EP, released August 11th via Clue Records.

Also, TRASH now owe me a fiver for paying attention to aforementioned details.


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