New Release: Bloody Knees – Not Done

New Release: Bloody Knees – Not Done

Where have Bloody Knees been? For a while even their twitter went quiet, granted previously most of it seemed to be them playing hide-and-seek in bins but still, it was news of a sort. When that stopped it begged the question whether something serious had happened, given the bands attraction to injury (note both their name, and the true story behind previous EP title track Stitches). However they seem to be ok as there’s a new song, and skinny-dipper on the single artwork appears healthy enough.

Oh yeah, music. Aside from I Want It All last spring, this new EP will be the first release from the band in more than three years. Maybe It’s Easy is out on October 13th, with Not Done being the first cut from it, and available now. There’s something a little bit sad about this song, but ultimately it refuses to give up and rages back into grungy indie life ending with the words ‘I don’t care anymore’; as if the band have decided that whatever was holding them back (presumably the same reason they temporarily vanished) doesn’t actually matter. And rightly so, don’t let anything keep you away from what you care about.


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