The Holy Bible 20 Years On – My View

The Holy Bible 20 Years On – My View

[2 years yesterday]


Ok so I have to start by saying that this post is gonna be very different to the rest of the blog; while the idea of it is based around a music event it’s actually just a personal piece that I want to write. And since this is still my blog, I guess I can. If you’re not interested in it don’t worry, I won’t be posting this stuff very often (probably never again actually).

I want to write this because it’s important to remember that music doesn’t become redundant as soon as it stops being ‘new’. I’m not talking about staying in love with an album that you got when it first came out, either. ‘The Holy Bible’ was released over a decade before I bought it; I had pieced together what I could of its story from fragments in magazine articles, that was enough to intrigue me. I…

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