EP Review: Vulgarians – Almost-Instinct, Almost True

EP Review: Vulgarians – Almost-Instinct, Almost True

With two thirds of Vulgarians latest EP Almost-Instinct, Almost True already having been online prior to release, it would seem there may not be much to say about the one previously-unheard song on it. But listening to the record as a whole is quite different from its component parts – with newbie Career Dietary being the centrepiece, the other tracks slot into place at its sides. Opener Of Humdrum Consumption leads in nicely from previous EP Life’s Successful Death, being the one song here that changes fairly little in style from their debut. Brooding but restless, the familiar dark-psyche engulfs and sears in equal measure, sprawling into the aforementioned second track. Starting sparsely, then sounding about to break into an indie-rock singalong (apart from the unerringly scathing vocals) this is a real departure from what we’re used to from the band, before the cacophony hits towards the end bringing it back to earth. This sort of suggests but can’t prepare for Hands Around The Waste; probably my favourite Vulgarians song so far, it’s very different again, taking the darkness and twisting it into something eerily almost cheerful. It’s groovy in a dirty, somewhat sleazy manner, writhing scornfully to a sudden, scuzzy climax. This release sees the band expand on their sound without trying to hard, which is exactly what you want from a second EP.


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