EP Review: Lastigband – Torpido

EP Review: Lastigband – Torpido

While I’ve always believed in the concept of music as an international language, I don’t listen to much that’s not in English as I struggle to connect in the same way when the words are foreign to me, though of course that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it anyway. Writing about something I don’t understand is a whole different level though, so reviewing a Welsh-language EP from Lastigband has made me approach my subject matter in a very different way. Without the lyrics to provide imagery, I’ve allowed the music all by itself to do this – resulting in an odd if charming situation where I’m visualising the songs as stages of a day.

Jangling softly into existence, opener Jelo is unassuming but quietly confident, introducing the band’s clattering garage-indie as the sunrise brings in light; asserting its presence with little drama. Picking up urgency by the end, this feeds into second track Ti’n Rhydd. Easing off again slightly as the sky settles to blue, it feels more lively all the same with some intriguingly erratic little rhythms. At this point the sparseness of these tracks becomes more evident, nothing is unnecessary here with just enough detail included to hold the listener’s attention. This changes some as the sun crosses the middle of the sky, and Arnofio swaggers in with the buzz of an energetic afternoon. Instantly more psychy, this is the most dynamic and raw song here, discordant in places with asymmetric echoes becoming apparent when listening in stereo. Rhedeg brings in a more drowsy vibe, restrained and reverb-y as the energy of the day fades and the sun gradually sets.

Despite my complete lack of insight, Torpido is a gently infectious if eccentric little record, propelled along by jittery beats and softly-swaying melodies. It’s available now via Cae Gwyn Records, and if you’ve read this far you may was well listen to lead single Jelo below.


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