EP Review: GRAVVES – Rattle

EP Review: GRAVVES – Rattle

If something about GRAVVES alluring racket sounds familiar, that might be down to the fact that they used to be another band called Blood Lips. Happy to have cleared that up? Good, now we can move on.

Their debut EP under this moniker, Rattle rips into your eardrums from the outset, the first track leaving you wondering just what sort of monstrous creature My Pet Rihanna would be. Heartbeats pulls back on the throttle some, simmering evenly but with a pulsating darkness that leaves you even more on edge than its predecessor’s undisguised threat. Lead single Tribes follows this, initially back to the aggression of the start but quickly settling into a jaunty riff that swaggers through the carnage like it owns the grimy basement club dancefloor. And if that represents the night before, then Hollow Bones is the following morning’s hangover; an almost post-punky sense of bleakness pervades, angular melodies battling through the gloom.

Throughout the EP, it’s these subtle tuneful elements that keep you hooked. Often understated, buried beneath distorted growls and unrelenting propulsion, it can take a while to notice how intricate they are. It’s this that distinguishes GRAVVES from just being scatty noise though – the contrast of bitterness with beauty, done in a way that you barely notice it’s there. Check out the single on bandcamp now and look out for Rattle on 10th February, when it’s released through Loner Noise.


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