10 More Welsh Songs You Should’ve Heard In 2016

10 More Welsh Songs You Should’ve Heard In 2016

ARTEFACT – The Morrigan
Re-recording of a track from their demo, this version features on forthcoming debut album Votive Offering out 1st February.

Beach Fatigue – Only You
Stand-alone single, released on cassette with bonus songs and live versions of some album tracks.

Birdcage – Premonition
From recent fourth EP, Let Me Think.

Bryde – Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?
Second single from EP 2.

Estrons – I’m Not Your Girl
Alright, if you follow new Welsh music you will have already heard EP She’s Here Now, but I could hardly leave this off.

GRAVVES – Tribes
Lead single from debut EP Rattle, which will be out 10th February.

Himalayas – Ecstasy
Title track from their debut EP, available now.

HODAD – Running
From 1001 Dads Per Second, also check out recent EP Surface.

Pale Angels – You Don’t Dance
Second album Daydreaming Blues out now.

Tibet – There Is A Place
Latest single, following double EP Above The Moon earlier in the year.


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